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FATAL TRUST (2006) Dir. Phillipe Gagnon


BRAKE (2012) Dir. Gabe Torres

Co-Producer / Uncredited Writer

WHY WE RIDE (2013) Dir. Bryan H. Carroll

Co-Executive Producer





An ex-assassin storms a Chicago high-rise on Christmas Eve to avenge the murder of his partner, Marley, and must face adversaries from his past, present and future to kill his nemesis and save the woman he loves.


2 OZ. (tba)

A small-town waitress has her life turned upside down by a deadly twister and embarks on a perilous bullet-ridden road-trip with three strangers: a backpacking stoner, a cowardly trucker, and a killer without a heart.



To avenge the brutal murder of their daughter, the head of an elite private protection team and his ex-CIA agent wife infiltrate the closed borders of Iran to abduct the killer and bring him to justice. When their operation to extract the terrorist goes awry, they use their world-class driving skills and their fleet of performance tuned street cars to face 200 high speed miles and 20,000 bullets while keeping alive the one man they want to kill…


LOST PATROL (tba - Legendary Pictures)

A war-weary group of G.I.s are sent into a French village to find out why a previous scout patrol never returned, but they soon find themselves fighting for their lives against a handful of vampires who’ve been feeding off the battlefields.


THE METAL DETECTIVE -- TV (in development)